We deliver optimal custom-made products to you.

We deal in as many as approximately 8,000 industrial-use fasteners that are chiefly completely order-made custom products. Of these, automotive components account for 90% of the total. We offer custom fasteners of high added value, including components for seats, window regulators, locks, drive systems, and the undercarriage.

The Flow to the Market for Custom Automotive Components

Preliminary Discussions

Preliminary Discussions

Based on the drawings you provide, our sales agent first gets detailed information on product performance, cost concerns, delivery times, and other requirements, and works out the image of the product with you.

Proposal for Product Planning

Proposal for Product Planning

Working together with the project manager for design, we discuss the manufacturing processes for efficient volume production of high-quality products, with cost also taken into account, and provide you with the production specifications and a cost estimate. Depending on the circumstances, we may also make proposals on such matters as making changes to product configuration to optimize it for cold forging.



Once the product specifications and monetary amounts have been settled, we fabricate prototypes and conduct in-house testing and evaluation, then solicit your verification. Once an acceptable prototype has been perfected and we obtain your approval, we proceed to volume production.



We devise a schedule for meeting your requested delivery period, and carefully pack the products one by one for delivery. After delivery, if requested, we provide followup covering such matters as product improvements and cost reductions.

Main Products

  • For engines

  • For seats

  • For powertrains

  • For steering
    and suspension systems

  • For rear-door locks

  • For airbags

  • For brakes

  • For window regulators

Cold-forged Products

Deformation Processing

Products forged into complex shapes

Hole Machining

Forged products machined to form holes

Gear Processing

Forged products of various gear configurations

Hole and Gear Processing

Forged products on which the hole machining and gear shaping are performed simultaneously

Forming and Forging

Forged products formed using multiple different machines

Assembled Products

For Window Regulators

Assembly of devices for opening and closing glass windows. They include manually operated and motor-operated systems, with motor-installed systems currently usually the main type. They are installed under the window glass, inside the door.

Rear-door Locks

Assembly of locks mechanisms and anti-theft remote-control mechanisms installed in the rear doors of vans and the like

Patented Products

Sun Quick Nuts

It is able to be quickly inserted into the fastening location with a single touch and without turning, simply by pressing them onto the threaded tip of the bolt. They can be used even in locations where tightening is difficult, and can shorten work times. What’s more, strength is outstanding.

All Quick Nutters

The principle behind these enables them to be quickly inserted into the fastening location with a single touch and without turning, simply by pressing them onto the threaded tip of the bolt. Removal can also be accomplished without turning, enabling single-touch performance of both attachment and detaching, which can shorten work times.

Quick Joints

The principle behind these enables them to form a linkage simply by pressing them in. This makes it possible to automate assembly with ease by fixing the male and female portions in place on the structural element, contributing to labor savings in operations and to shorter times as well.