We will become a global company with high trust from our customers through continuous technological innovation and the speedy offer of products that anticipate our needs.

Since our establishment in 1962, the Mitsuchi Group has offered a variety of industrial fasteners that precede customer needs for Japan’s world-class automotive industry, and we have achieved steady growth as the automotive industry with a breakthrough.

We have made the fullest use of the high advantage we enjoy with our advanced cold forging technology and our predominance borne of the production and sales systems we have expanded throughout the world, and through the diverse needs of our customers with respect to technology and high quality and through costs reductions, we have earned high trust of customer.

At present, both in Japan and abroad, enterprises from other areas are entering the automotive industry through the rapid transitions in the business environment that surrounds us – namely, through the development of electric vehicles, fuel-cell vehicles, and other next-generation automobiles, and through such other developments as self-driving cars using AI, and a pressing need for dramatic structural reforms in the industry is felt.

The Mitsuchi Group has established a management philosophy for responding to this business environment: “Through continuous technical innovation” and by rapidly providing those products that anticipate needs, we will become a global enterprise that enjoys high customer trust.

Our entire workforce is coming together as one to adopt a global perspective, embrace agile flexibility, extend throughout the network of the Mitsuchi Group, and rally teamwork to achieve even greater trust from our customers and press ahead with strengthening our business operations.

We look forward to your continuous support as the Mitsuchi Group evolves amid upheaval.

Kazushi NakamuraPresident and CEO
September 2019