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International procurement network to support our clients and pursue the expansion on the global
Production output in a manufacturing sector, especially in the auto-mobile industry, is currently increasing at a rapid pace on the global scale. We are building up an international production network and sales offices to get on with these changes.
Domestic production facilities offer services ranging from development and production to technical support
Mitsuchi's domestic supply system is formed by three production facilities: Mitsuchi Seisakusho Co., Ltd. and Mitsuchi Kasugai Co., Ltd. where variety of cold formed products are developed and manufactured, and Mitsuchi Manufacturing, Inc. where assembly products such as window regulator and lock mechanism are manufactured. Their support for oversea production facilities is also strong. Sales offices in Tokyo,Hiroshima,Toyokawa and Utsunomiya take advantage in great inventory control as well as meeting customer's expectations by "Just-in-Time" delivery.
Overseas production facilities in the global procurement network
Auto-mobile manufacturers in Japan are developing production networks overseas to succeed in the global markets, especially in Asia and the United States. We started a factory and business office in Thailand in 1987. Thai Mitchi Corporation boosted its capacity in 2006 with the completion of the second expansion. In the United States, Mitsuchi Corporation of America set up its first factory in April 2008. We established a factory and business office in China, in December2010. With these initiatives, Mitsuchi will full-use its global production network to supply to Japanese component manufacturers around the world.
Facilities list
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