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Osamu Murase President
Relentless technological innovation. Unceasing advances.
The advanced technology behind Japanís world-leading automotive industry.

Mitsuchi Corporation supplies a variety of industrial components such as pins and fasteners to Japan’s world-leading auto-mobile industry. Founded in 1963, the company has achieved steady growth along side with the spectacular advances of the auto-mobile industry.

Today, Japan’s auto-mobile industry is seamlessly working hard to improve productivity and quality in order to remain competitive on the world stage. We are committed to raising the quality of our products while reducing production costs.

The considerable strong position we enjoy with our advanced cold forging technology, as well as rapidly expanding production and distribution network on the global scale, provide us with significant competitive advantages over our competitors. The strengths allow us to put forward a variety of sales proposals and solutions well formed to fulfill the needs and demand of our clients and give us access to wider markets.

Mitsuchi Corporation will continue to pursue the growth and the technology evolution through innovation for the future. We appreciate your unchanged patronage and support.

Osamu Murase President
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